New Zealand made Brown and Green 40mm Tape – ITS ARRIVED!!!

WE ARE VERY EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE THAT OUR NEXT SHIPMENT OF BROWN AND GREEN 40MM TAPE  WILL BE MADE IN NEW ZEALAND!! This is very timely with the Covid 19 lockdown and the push to support New Zealand made products.  We expect to have stock by end of May, if you are keen to order some please let me know as I have limited quantities and many people wanting to purchase.

We  have repeatedly been asked if we have any colour tape other than green and we are pleased to let you know that we have some Brown tape arriving within the next month, this is from the same manufacturers who make our green tape, so it is made to the same specifications.  We guarantee our tape for 3 years when put up using our fittings as there is no wear and tear on the tape, our locking insulators clamp the tape at each post and the insulator ends tension the tape tightly so there is no movement.

We can not guarantee how the colour brown will hold up over time however, the tape is double UV treated the same as our green tape but we have not had the opportunity to test it as we have for nearly 4 years with the green tape.

Our Green tape has faded slightly over the years but it has faded evenly so that you cant really tell unless you look under an insulator.

The University of Kentucky has done a study on what colours  horses can see best and Green and Brown were colours that are highly  visible to horses which is why we have chosen those colours.

The cost of a 200mtr roll of tape is $149.99 GST inclusive.