About EquiSol


EquiSol NZ Ltd was established when Bill Lumsden one of the Founding Directors  had a need for bigger, better fencing, and more cost effective fencing system that was safe for his horses. His priority was to develop an effective fencing system that was safe for horses, easy to erect and does not cost an arm and leg. After two years of research, trials and development we are pleased to offer and electric fence system that meets all the above criteria. In our opinion the EquiSol fencing system allows you to not only keep your horses safe, but also have a fence that is aesthetically pleasing to look at. Kym Murdoch the other founding director has now taken the company over and is looking forward to introducing new products to our range.

​What is the EquiSol System?

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​EquiSol is very versatile, it can be used to make pens and round pens easily.