​How do I place an order?

Please use our enquiry form or call or email us and tell us how many posts you have, the number of tapes you want to run, where you would want gates and we can work out the exact components you will need and give you a quote.

When is payment required?

Payment must be received before goods are shipped.

​​What are the payment options?

We accept cash, direct debit, or internet banking.

Is there a guarantee on this product?

We guarantee our tape for 1 year, provided the product has been installed to our specifications.

Can I use this system on my existing posts?

Absolutely, many people do.

Installation – what is involved?

Installation is easy, all you need is a cordless drill and a pair of scissors, we will provide an instructional video on request.

You will also need a crimping tool which we also stock at a very competitive price.

I am a single lady, how difficult is it to put this fencing up myself.

It is very easy, a cordless drill and a pair of scissors. (See comments on customers testimonials).

My horse just walks through our existing narrow tape fence, does your tape offer a better security?

Our 40mm tape gives great visibility and because of its 12 stainless steel wires holds an excellent electrical current. We have had people tell us that it is the only tape that has kept their horses contained. (see customers testimonials).

Can this tape be put up with steel posts?

We are very excited to announce we now have locking insulators for Y posts. These work with our 40mm tape and lock the tape the same as our existing insulators do. There are caps to match if you are using new Y Posts! These have been developed by EquiSol NZ and there are nothing like them on the market at the moment.